How We Provide Services

The JPJ Group's mission is to deliver world class consulting services to our clients in the most effective and efficient manner possible. The firm is relatively small by choice: the better to form close working partnerships with our clients and to apply the seasoned judgment of professionals to achieve the best results possible.

We strive to staff a project with the aim of providing the requisite level of skill and experience to successfully accomplish the project. Accordingly, the firm uses experienced professionals to perform research, conduct studies, monitor developments and trends in government policy and industry, and provide other support services to insure that our clients' needs are being met on a timely basis. Our firm is committed to engaging in the fullest possible communication between our staff and our clients.

Information Communications Technology (ICT) Practice Group

The ICT Practice Group is a consulting practice within JPJ with specific expertise in all facets of the telecoms sector. Members of the ICT Practice Group include former telecoms management executives, finance and technology executives and operational experts. The ICT Practice Group's breadth of experience ranges from start-up companies to multi-national corporations.

The ICT Practice Group's areas of expertise include emerging markets strategy, business development and planning, technology deployment, operations, government affairs and regulatory policy. The professionals within the group offer industry clients a robust array of consulting and advisory services ranging from management services, business development, technology strategy, financial and market analysis, marketing, sales and service delivery.

The ICT Practice Group also includes a team of former regulators and regulatory counsel who provide clients with access to a variety of regulatory advisory services, including negotiating interconnection agreements and developing regulatory strategy, reviewing regulations, and regulatory policies; drafting model legislation, implementing sector liberalization policies and privatization. Team members have over 50 years of experience in shaping and implementing regulatory policy, both at the state and federal levels within the United States as well as internationally.

Energy Practice Group

The Energy Practice Group consist a formidable team of experienced, international energy sector professionals with experience in both the public sector (PUC) and private sector. We will leverage the collective experience and skills of the firm's members and consortium partners to provide clients with an array of leading edge advisory and consulting services.

Our energy sector professionals have extensive experiences in energy technologies, financing, government relations, emerging markets business development and strategic planning. The JPJ Group's collective energy sector expertise includes, but is not limited to:

Our Value Proposition

The JPJ Group's value proposition is simple. The JPJ Group will utilize its energy sector expertise and experience in emerging market countries to help clients develop new business and new revenue streams by more effectively positioning their products and services with prospective customers. Central to the JPJ Group's valuation proposition is our ability to leverage our broad expertise in technology, engineering, financing and government relations, along with our knowledge and experience working in emerging market countries.

Put simply, the JPJ Group can help companies sell their products and services in emerging market countries more efficiently and effectively--regardless of whether a company is engaged in a tender process or in direct negotiations with prospective governmental or commercial customers.